Crystal Charm Keychain for Success, Good Luck and Manifestation, Jade, Tiger's Eye, Smoky Quartz, and Black Rutilated Quartz

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✨ Jade
Jade is used to bring good luck, health, and prosperity to the wearer. Jade is a stone that does not demand from you. But instead, it gives you all the love and courage you need to raise your own vibrations, tap into your dreams, and welcome all the wonderful things that want to come to you.

✨ Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s eye is inspirational for boosting self-confidence. It brings mental focus and the ability to reason through decisions, leading to greater confidence in your judgement. If you’re up against a tough decision, are allowing fear to hinder your progress, or need a boost in self-confidence, then tiger’s eye, by synthesising the earth and sun energies, will inspire you.

✨ Smoky Quartz
As a variety of Citrine, it is also a popular crystal for manifestation. The golden ray naturally attracts abundance in many forms. Be open-ended as possible within your manifesting processes in order to allow the Universe to provide your needs in possibly the most unexpected ways!

✨ Selenite
Selenite is a good stone to have to help you quiet your mind and give you mental clarity. If you find that you are easily distracted or find it difficult to concentrate on just one thing at a time, Selenite and its energies could be just the remedy.

✨ Black Rutilated Quartz
Not only intuition, it would give you the skill to analyze things thoroughly. It is effective when you are difficult to make a choice between the two or when you want to avoid unfavorable situations. There are many people that wear Black Rutilated Quartz as an amulet. It is supported by many business owners and executives that need to make important decisions. It would also give you power when you have to make a good deal on business.

💝 Packaging
-Packaged in premium box and pocket (look at last picture)
-Free cleansing crystal

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Simply because a crystal or stone is alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you, personally, will definitely experience, or benefit from, any such properties. Any information you receive, whether orally, in written form or electronically, relating to crystals and stones from The Alchemy Philosophy, should be received and understood in the above context.

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